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10000 Piece/Pieces per Day

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shanghai ,ningbo

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The gear sleeve flex coupling parts have the same number of teeth of the ring gear with external teeth flange coupling half. Outer teeth are divided into two kinds of spur and drum gear, drum gear is the outer tooth made into spherical spherical center on the axis of the gear backlash than normal gear, drum gear coupling allows more large angular displacement (relative to the straight-tooth coupling), to improve the contact condition of the teeth, to improve the torque transmission capacity and prolong life.

Gear coupling at work, the two axis relative angular displacement the external tooth tooth surface periodically axially relative sliding, will inevitably lead to tooth wear and power consumption, gear coupling requires good lubrication and sealed state. Small radial size of the gear coupling, load capacity, commonly used in low speed and heavy working conditions shaft drive, high-precision and balancing gear coupling can be used to high-speed transmission. Drum gear coupling angular compensation is greater than the straight-tooth coupling, wide selection.

Drum gear coupling form:GICL – wide, wide ring gear, to compensate for the larger axis offset, apply to connect two coaxial horizontal shaft drive.GIICL – Narrow basic tooth spacing is small, allowing relatively small radial displacement, compact structure, small transmission inertia.GICLZ – wide then the middle axisGIICLZ – narrow then the middle axisGCLD type – connected to the motor shaft type, suitable to the occasion with auxiliary motor.The WGP type – with a brake disc type, suitable for supporting the occasion with disc brakes.WGC – vertical installation type, suitable for the vertical axis of the shaft drive.The WGZ type – with brake wheel type, suitable for supporting the brake shoe brake occasions.The WGT-type – then the middle dwelling, suitable for long-distance connections occasions.TGL – nylon ring gear type, applicable to 2500N. M small and medium-sized torque, connecting two coaxial drive.The WGJ type – then the intermediate shaft type,NGCL type – with brake wheel typeNGCLZ type – with brake wheel typeWG – basic

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